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News from Bovingdon Baptist Church

145 years of loving & serving God


The apostle Paul's favourite metaphor for the church was that of a human body, with Christ as the head. It's a great picture, because what it describes is an organic whole made up of many parts. Unity in diversity.

A body missing eyes can still function by relying more on senses other than sight, but one eyeball - in fact, any individual part - cannot survive long in isolation from the rest of the body. It is the same with human beings. We function best when working together. And, in the church, all the parts (seen and unseen) function best when doing the things that Jesus - our 'head' - commands us to do.

Members of Bovingdon Baptist Church are involved in community life in many ways, both as a 'church' and as individual members of various village groups, teams and societies - also volunteering at the library or HMP The Mount and running our Youth drop-in on a Friday evening. We were there handing out cups of water to thirsty Bovingdon 10K runners in September. We were at the Christmas Street Fayre, along with folk from St Lawrence Church, bringing villagers the story of the first Christmas - with real animals provided by a local petting zoo. On Good Friday 2019 we'll join with St Lawrence again for a Walk of Witness, a short, accessible service at BBC and hot cross buns - everybody welcome to come and join in.

Another metaphor for church is 'family'. If you're looking for a place to belong, a place to worship Jesus, a place to be part of an extended church family, do come along to one of our services and see whether you're the missing 'I' from this body!

 *    *    *

PS If you've never thought of yourself as a person of faith or have lots of questions and doubts please don't exclude yourself from the invitation to come as you are. On Sundays in February and March we will be going through St Paul's letter to the Ephesian church to see how his 1st Century teaching might apply to our lives today. After Easter our pastoral weekly 'Life Groups' will be running for a season.

We also run regular 'Alpha' courses where you can explore Jesus' claims and what the bible teaches about life in an accepting and unpressured environment - currently we're going through Youth Alpha on Friday evenings, with another Alpha course for adults planned this Autumn.

Rev Mary Moody, Minister

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