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News from Bovingdon Baptist Church

140 years of loving & serving God


The Parable of the Found Pound

My husband Andy was pulling weeds out from under the hedge along the church driveway. Some of the weeds were getting quite big - in fact, they were turning into small trees; self-sown seedlings of ash and enormous brambles. In amongst the tangled, thorny mess of roots, litter and weeds, Andy spotted something small and round - a bottle top? A penny? It was brown and caked in mud, but he picked it up and put it in his pocket. He wondered where it had come from and who might have dropped it. Maybe it was something interesting, like an ancient Roman coin from a nearby hoard! 'Not very likely,' he thought but he brought it home and washed the mud off under the tap.

The object was metallic and very tarnished; certainly a coin of some sort, bigger and heavier than a penny but still so grubby we couldn't read the inscription, or see whose image was depicted on it. So we put the coin in vinegar overnight, hoping to dissolve the remaining dirt. The next morning what we discovered amazed us! It wasn't a penny at all - it was worth one hundred times more than that!! - it was a pound coin from the year 2000. But the story doesn't end there. We'd never looked very closely at a pound coin before and I realised this one had a dragon on the reverse side, which looked like it might be rather handsome if I could see it properly. So I got out the Brasso and gave that coin a good polish and now it's as good as new! The Queen's profile is clearly visible on one side and a distinctive dragon on the reverse. What's more the inscription around the edge - words from the Welsh national anthem - is legible once again. Something that looked like a filthy old bottle top discarded in a hedgerow has now been restored to its true value and purpose.

The good news of the Kingdom of God is that people who are lost and whose lives are a mess, stuck in the mud between the rubbish and the weeds, when they are found by Jesus, they get a fresh start - cleaned up, polished, restored to their true value and purpose, displaying the image of Jesus, the King of Kings.

                                         *    *    *

If you'd like to find out more, join us at one of our Sunday services this summer, when we'll be going through Luke's Gospel to discover more about the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ.

We have two special services coming up in the Autumn:

11th September: Communion Service and welcoming new members (10.30 am).

9th October: Chill Out Harvest Festival, celebrating the work of Compassion (10.30 am). There will be information about children waiting for sponsorship, with opportunity to sign up as a sponsor. The offering will also go to Compassion. If you would like to bring either food or toiletries for DENS please check the list of most needed items on their website - and ensure that all items have a best before date of 2017 onwards.

A 'bring and share' lunch will follow the service, and all are welcome.

If you have questions about church and life, you're welcome to join our next Alpha Course. For details contact Mary.

At BBC we are informal and friendly, a 'one table' church where people of every age and stage of faith worship together and share with one another like a big extended family. Our Sunday services begin with 25 minutes of whole church worship and then different ages continue their learning in various groups: crèche for pre-schoolers; Sunday Club for children of primary school age; Upper Room for young people aged 11-16 years. We also have all sorts of things happening on weekdays: an open youth group on Fridays; a coffee morning on 1st and 3rd Mondays each month; Life Group bible studies; film nights; games nights for the whole family in the summer holidays... 5th September sees the launch of our new baby & toddler group on term-time Mondays from 9 - 11 am.

   Check our diary page for up-to-date information about what's on at BBC.

Rev Mary Moody, Minister

01442 831756





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